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Turning Knowledge Into Profit

What Do We Do?

We specialise in Crypto Trading Analysis and Cryptocurrency Trading Education. Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) and Highly experienced Crypto Trading Traders with over 12 years practical trading knowledge and experience in Futures, Options, Forex and Equities. We bring this knowledge and expertise to teach new and experienced traders How to Trade Bitcoin and Altcoins confidently with Risk Management, in a highly volatile cryptocurrency market .


Our mission at Crypto Trading Mastery, is to show you How To Trade with safety and consistency in a challenging cryptocurrency market. We show you how to mitigate Risk by pre-defining your Entries, Stop Loss and Targets before entering every trade. By managing our losses and letting our profits run, we consistently end up Net Profitable, allowing us to Grow Our Capital.


Our vision is to remove the fear and recklessness burdening most traders, by showing them how to trade in a Professional and Disciplined manner. Our Process helps you to take positions with confidence, clarity and realistic expectations aligned to the Market price action, this requires a change in perspective from trying to Master the Markets to Mastery of Oneself. We guide you to think and trade like a Professional Trader thinks and acts.

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Go Ahead. You Can Rely on Us.

We trade cryptocurrencies for a living. Whether you are looking for regular income or wealth creation we got you covered.

Don't waste time

Don’t waste time on costly mistakes.

Right Way For you

Let us show you the right way to trade.

Fast & Effective

Fast track your trading success with us.


With 12 years behind us we have traded Forex, Futures, Options and Equities and now we specialise in trading Cryptocurrencies.

Fast & Effective

Observing how we take trades helps you comprehend how Professional Traders create a systematic approach to making money. Our methods are clear and effective.


As established professionals in the Industry, we follow a policy of honesty and integrity to our subscribers. We are not here to take your money we make enough in the Markets. We are here to improve your trading performance.


We know what is required to manage our trades, mitigate our risk and pick winners, in order to grow our capital. We share with you over a decade of practical hands-on trading knowledge and experience.

Our Speciality

We trade the Top Cryptocurrencies on a daily basis as well as looking for promising coins which have the potential to explode. We invest time in helping you become a successful trader.

Why Choose Us?

We are Professional Traders who have been around the block. We have made money and lost money and now adopt a systematic approach to our trading to achieve consistent results over a series of trades. We want you to become a trading success.

About Our Company

The untold secret to trading is both managing yourself and managing your risk. We are here to help you achieve both at CryptoTrading Mastery. We invest time in showing you how we trade cryptocurrencies.

Our Services

We are commited to providing honest, high quality services that produce value to our subscribers. Our subscribers asked for the following services and we listened.


Daily Video Analysis

Daily video commmentary of trades we see as having profit potential. Our primary focus are on coins with a large market cap (listed in Top 40), but we are open to analyse any opportunity where this is sufficient volume to trade.

Telegram Service

For those subscribers wanting fast easily digestible information, we provide a speedy Telegram service. In our service, you receive a screenshot and quick bullet point information allowing you to trade immediately on release of a trade alert. All you need is your mobile phone and an internet connection and you’re ready to trade on your platform.

Crypto Traders Forum

Join our community of fellow crypto traders it’s FREE TO JOIN. Simply register at http://cryptotradingforum.invisionzone.com/login/. Here you can share trading ideas, learn, comment and analyse any crypto currency you wish.

1 to 1 Mentoring

Some traders learn better when they are taught personally by me, I offer a 10-week 1-to-1 intensive Mentorship program. Contact us for more information and to discuss how I can best customize your 1-on1 training.

Trading Education

We are also Trading Educators and will, in time, be releasing a number of step-by-step training courses which you can watch at your own pace. You will then know the meticulous process we follow when applying our various strategies, giving you a huge advantage over uneducated and ignorant traders who haven’t taken the time to study the skills of trading.

Manage Your Monies

Some of you have neither the inclination or desire to trade whatsoever, so let us take that responsibility from you. We can manage your monies for you. Yes, we are authorised Fund Managers so please contact us, to discuss further.

Trade Top Cryptocurrencies With Us

We provide trading signals on Bitcoin and Altcoins to Guide your Trading Decisions

Our Features

If you’re struggling with your trading then let us show you how we trade professionally.



With the number of cryptocurrencies expanding daily we keep abreast of the most lucractive opportunities to maximise your gains.


All our trades are posted daily with full explanation as to why we take the trades, at what prices we enter, place stops and exit for a profit or loss.

Trade Management

Successful traders know the fine line between making a profit and making a loss is knowing how to manage your trade. We guide you in your trade management.

The Services Of Our Company

We currently provide three services: The Telegram service is for those “on the move” who want a quick snapshot image of the market with bullet point text details on entry, stop loss and target. The Daily Cryptotrading Video Analysis service is for those who like to see and hear Crypto Trading video commentaries through video. The Cryptotrading Forum is where we meet as a Community of like-minded Crypto Traders. Here we learn from each other, share ideas, comment and discuss analysis or simply have a general “crypto chit chat” on current events.

Telegram Service

Live Trade Alerts straight to your mobile phone or desktop.

Crypto Trading Video Analysis

Daily Video Analysis of Bitcoin and Altcoin Trades.

Crypto Trading Forum

Meet and Interact with your Community of like-minded Crypto Traders to learn from each other, share comments, experience and analysis.

Our 12+ Years Professional Trader

Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP)

We post Trading Signals teaching You How to Manage your Risk and Equity.

Sean Vengan

Sean Vengan

Head Trader

12 Year Veteran Professional Trader and Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP)

Join Us Today

What are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY as an ELITE GOLD MEMBER. We’ll see you inside…

Free Membership

Most basic features. Best for Crypto Observers
  • Daily Free Video Analysis on One Cryptocurrency
  • Daily Telegram mobile alert on One Cryptocurrency
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  • Free access to YouTube video training and analysis
  • Free access to Social Media accouts
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Trial Membership

Premium Service. For Crypto Trading Success
Full Access for 1 Week For Interested Traders
  • Top Cryptocurrencies Analysis
  • Daily Gold Video Analysis
  • Daly Gold Telegram Alert
  • Gold Member Forum Group
  • Gold Member Discount for all Courses
  • YouTube Training Videos and Analysis
  • FB Group and Social Media Accounts
  • Gold Membership is a recurring monthly fee of $120
  • Cancel before end of the month to stop future payments

Gold Membership

Premium Service. For Crypto Trading Success
  • Top Cryptocurrencies Analysis
  • Daily Gold Video Analysis
  • Daly Gold Telegram Alert
  • Gold Member Forum Group
  • Gold Member Discount for all Courses
  • YouTube Training Videos and Analysis
  • FB Group and Social Media Accounts
  • Gold Membership is a recurring monthly fee of $120
  • Cancel before end of the month to stop future payments

What Our Subscribers Say

Alan Timms

USA Cryptotrading Mastery is run by professional traders who know what they are doing. When they produce their trade alerts there are winners and losers, but what’s good is that they show you how to control your losses so the winners make you profitable overall.

Sasa Tampos

Phillipines I love cryptocurrencies and I love Cryptotrading Mastery. I have trading experience in Forex but when i started trading cryptocurrencies I was out of my depth. They have taught me so much on how to trade properly which has helped improve my trading no end.

Stephanie Rice

Germany After losing one third of my capital, trading crypotocurrencies, I realised i needed to learn what i was doing wrong. I was lucky to stumble onto Cryptorading Mastery after doing a Google search and when i signed up i wasn’t disappointed.


+44 207413 9127


cryptotradingmastery@gmail.com admin@cryptotradingmastery.com



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